Monday, April 23, 2012

Joyful Noise Needed for Emily

Make some joyful noise and join us as we pray for our PA Rockstar - Emily Whitehead.  This little 6-year old has gone through more in the past 2 days than any child should experience in their lifetime.  After a bad reaction to her T-cell infusion, she is fighting for her life.  Though she is currently sedated so that her body can rest and heal, her dad has been telling her about all the people praying for her. Overwhelm Emily's facebook page with prayers and positive thoughts. Twitter users?!? #PrayingForEm is in support of our PA Rockstar Emily Whitehead. Send out a tweet in her honor and keep the hash tag going viral!!!  Let Emily and her family know that the Rockstar Nation is fighting alongside them.  

Rock on. Rock hard. Pray harder.

Emily playing drums like a Rockstar during Music Therapy {March 21, 2012}