Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rockstar Jackson

Meet our newest Rockstar - Jackson.
At age 5, he has already driven a digger and knows how to read!
He loves Batman {especially Batman cake that turns his tongue black!}.
He enjoys jumping on the trampoline with his little brother, Colton.
He's daring enough to go down a 20-foot inflatable slide ... 
{many, many, many times}!
He recently made his T-ball debut in April 2012.

His winning, 'never-give-up' attitude on the T-ball field 
undeniably comes fromhis winning, hopeful attitude in life.

For over two years, Jackson has been fighting cancer.  
In January 2010, he was diagnosed with 
Stage IV Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) 
that had metastasized to both of his lungs.  
After many rounds of chemotherapy, a liver transplant, 
and two lung surgeries, Jackson continues to bless his family 
with his sweet smile and infectious laughter.

Pray for this little fighter and follow Jackson's journey at his CaringBridge site. 
Rohr Rockstars Founder, Trish, and her new boyfriend, Jackson!