Friday, March 23, 2012

Rockstar Emily

 Meet Rockstar Emily
{from Rohr Rockstars' Pennsylvania Chapter}

Emily is a 6 year old who is currently rockin' her way through treatment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. During her stay, she has already earned a rainbow of  "Beads of Courage" marking her bravery and strength along her tough journey. 

Diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) in May 2010, Emily responded well to chemotherapy, but relapsed in October 2011 after starting first grade, and again in February 2012 {two weeks before a scheduled bone marrow transplant}.

She is one tough little girl who loves playing with her dog Lucy, giggling with {and at} her daddy, and reading books with her mommy.  Emily makes the world a little brighter with her purple and pink clothes and her sweet smile. 

Keep up with Emily's journey on CaringBridge.

Emily :: First day of first grade :: August 2011

Emily and Lucy :: August 2010

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rockstar Zac

Our newest Rockstar, Zac, is like a fish in the water 
and a superstar in sports.
He loves to swim, dribble a basketball, and play soccer.
This little athlete loves to fuel up on Chik-Fil-a and vanilla ice cream.

Zac is like a superhero hidden in a 4-year old's body!
He is fast, he is helpful, and he is charming.
{He has the sweetest, shy smile and a set of dimples 
that he will share with you if you're lucky!}
He loves Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Batman.
He is strong, brave, and tough ... just like his heroes.

Zac has been battling acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) since April 2011.  
He has had two seizures {in response to specific chemo he received} 
and he experienced paralysis on his left side.  
After weeks of hard work in rehab/PT/OT, Zac can walk and RUN
...and he is FAST!

Rockstar or Superhero?  You decide.

Superhero Zac and his super-strong sidekick Mommy {Natalie}
opening his iPad from Rohr Rockstars

Rock on Zac!