Sunday, July 31, 2011

James Guptill Rocks!

James Guptill rode in Charlotte's 24 Hours of Booty
in honor of Eric Rohr, father, founder, and inspiration 
behind Rohr Family Foundation.  
James also sported a Rohr's Rockstar sticker
in honor of all of our Rockstars.

Thank you, James!  You rock!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Kids :: Big Impact

                                                                   photo by t. rohr
Sully, Age 6

                                                                   photo by t. rohr
Riley, Age 5

On Saturday, Sully Hill and Riley O'Donnell opened up for business.  Sully and Riley ran a fresh produce and lemonade stand to exclusively benefit the Rohr Family Foundation and the kids we serve.  After several hours in the hot sun, everyone remained helpful and happy.  The kids helped pour lemonade, picked out veggies, and talked excitedly to their customers.  They were happy to share information about the foundation by passing out Rockstar stickers and other RFF materials.  

The kids raised over $500 from their produce and lemonade stands.  {Such a big, big number from two little entrepreneurs!}  A generous matching donation was also made by Marty Snider to bring the total money raised to just over $1,000!  

Rockstar dads, Chris Hill and Sean O'Donnell, were the master carpenters behind the kids' adorable, homemade stands.  Thank you to the Hill family and the O'Donnell family for your hard work and support and for having a vision to help RFF! Thank you to all of the customers who came out and donated to RFF.  And a BIG thank you to Marty for the matching donation. 
                                                               photo by a.swistak
Remember, no matter how little you are, you can make a big impact!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Charlotte Locals :: We Need Your Support

Buy fresh fruits and veggies.
9 a.m. Saturday, July 30, 2011
Proceeds support Rohr Family Foundation and Rohr's Rockstars!

From Arboretum, go 1.5 miles south on Providence Road
left onto Providence Church Rd (if you get to McKee you went too far) 
Sarah Hall entrance is on the left past the cemetery, 
we will be set up somewhere in that vicinity.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rockstar Claire

 A classic, yummy post-cupcake smile from Claire

Sweet Claire is our newest and youngest Rockstar.  She is gracefully rockin' through Phase One and Phase Two of her Rockstar Journey.  She will complete her third round of chemo by the end of the month, and continues to wear a smile on her beautiful face.

Two months ago, at 21-months old, Claire was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the body’s sympathetic nervous system, and treatment began immediately. At less than 2-years old, Claire’s strength and sweet demeanor has amazed her Mommy, Daddy, and doctors.  Claire prefers to fight cancer with smiles, laughter, snuggles and sweet squeezes for her loved ones.  She makes a new friend wherever she goes; everyone LOVES to love on Claire!  As her family settled into a new routine including chemo, long days at the clinic, and watching Claire consume hundreds of pancakes {her favorite food as of late!}, their faith has remained rock solid.

The Ratliffs are facing this journey with family and friends, a prayerful Army, and the unconditional, unmistakable love of God. He is already visibly at work here in Charlotte, NC and all around the United States as Claire’s story is woven deeply and passionately into our hearts and our prayers.  We hope that you will become part of Claire’s Army and join us in prayer for Claire and her family.

Follow Claire’s journey at
Claire's Rockstar Night with the Rohr's
Pretty Mommy :: Emily, Precious Claire, and Rockstar Founder :: Trish

Claire was presented with a Color Nook so that she could easily bring her favorite "books" to the hospital, to the clinic, and enjoy them at home.  This Rockstar LOVES to read!

Did you know that reading to babies and toddlers is, perhaps, the single most important first step to take to ensure future academic success?  For more information, go here and here and here!

 Within minutes, Rockstar Claire knew how to use her new Color Nook!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be a Groupie

To support Rohr Family Foundation and our Rockstars, there are several ways to help.

1.  Be a Groupie and give.
Rohr Family Foundation Rockstar Giving Levels
{Donate now by clicking on the "Donate" button on the left sidebar} 
Groupie up to $50
Silver Album Groupie $51-$100
Gold Album Groupie $101-$250
Platinum Album Groupie $251-$500
Grammy Winning Groupie $501-$750
World Tour Groupie $751 +

2.  Volunteer your time and talents.
Are you a tutor who can donate your time and services to one of our Rockstars? {We need your expertise!}
Do you want to build Toolboxes for our Rockstars? {We need your hands!}
Are you a Rockstar Rookie?  {We need your energy!}

3.  Raise funds.
From lemonade stands to wine tastings, from Boy Scouts service projects to neighborhood yard sales, no event is too small; no amount raised is too little.  {We can't wait to hear your ideas.}

4.  Spread the word.
Do you have media connections?  Are you a social media junkie?  Spread the word about RFF.  Share our blog, "like" us on facebook {Rohr Family Foundation}, and tell all your friends.

5.  Pray.
Pray for our foundation to grow and change the lives of the children facing cancer here in Charlotte, North Carolina; pray for steadfastness, creativeness, and resourcefulness for the Rohr family and friends.  Pray for our Rockstars complete and perfect recovery; pray for their families :: for their strength and perseverance.  Make joyful noise with your prayers and share them with us on our facebook wall or here {below in comments!}.
Thank you in advance for your support and prayers.  We love you all!  
Contact Trish at if you would like to volunteer, start fund raising, or if you have additional questions!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Rockstar's Journey

To date, Rohr Family Foundation {RFF} has identified and begun supporting three Rockstars.  While their journeys, personalities, and circumstances are all unique, they have all proven that they are fighters {miracles!} and  are 100% worthy of being called a "Rockstar."  

RFF, in its commitment to support the Rockstars' educational needs from their diagnosis through their high school graduation, has recognized four critical phases of support.  Each phase will offer individualized support and services tailored to the student's specific learning needs in order to encourage a successful life-long learner.

Phase One ::  Diagnosis and Hospitalization
Each Rockstar will receive an age appropriate Rockstar Toolbox designed to supplement the educational needs and skill development for children from Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade.  Each Toolbox includes a workbook designed to cover national educational standards for skills and curriculum.  These Toolboxes can be used to create, learn, distract, explore, and entertain during long days in the hospital or clinic.

Phase Two :: Homebound and Continued Treatment
A technology-based learning device such as an iPad or Color Nook (according to age, development, and dexterity) will be made available to the Rockstar if appropriate.  These devices can be used while the student is at home, recovering between treatments, or while the student is back in the hospital or clinic, receiving additional treatment.  During this phase, if applicable, an Indiviualized Educational Program {IEP} will be written in order to facilitate a seamless transition to Phase Three.  

Phase Three :: Re-entry
Rockstars will return to a formal learning environment during this phase; their re-entry will be supported by RFF in the following ways:  the Rockstars will receive emotional counseling, in-class services, Ed Psych reports, and a representative from RFF will serve as a liaison between the Rockstar's parents and school representatives/teachers/IEP team members.

Phase Four :: Continuation 
Through 12th grade, Rockstars will continually receive support from RFF as needed.  While the physical effects of chemotherapy will long be gone from the Rockstar's body, it is has been speculated that there are latent cognitive and developmental effects.  As such, Rockstars will receive Ed Psych reports every two years; RFF will receive, compile, and study the data, as well as act as a resource and advocate for the Rockstar and his/her family. 

We look forward to introducing you to the Rockstars and providing ways for you to help support their journeys.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Hopeful Mission

Rohr Family Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting the educational needs of children with cancer so they can walk confidently and optimistically through their journey as life-long learners.

Our mission is to provide educational technology and support services designed to address individual learning needs, as well as promote life-long learning for cancer patients.

Currently we are aiming to put the latest technology in the hands of courageous children to enhance and supplement their education.  From there, our team of education professionals work closely with teachers, parents, students, tutors, and other support services to develop a long-term plan supporting the unique needs of each child.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smarty Rockstars

Charlotte Smarty Pants recently featured an article about Rohr Family Foundation.  Read more about RFF, the inspiration behind the idea, and a sweet, refreshing fund raising idea.