Monday, March 19, 2012

Rockstar Zac

Our newest Rockstar, Zac, is like a fish in the water 
and a superstar in sports.
He loves to swim, dribble a basketball, and play soccer.
This little athlete loves to fuel up on Chik-Fil-a and vanilla ice cream.

Zac is like a superhero hidden in a 4-year old's body!
He is fast, he is helpful, and he is charming.
{He has the sweetest, shy smile and a set of dimples 
that he will share with you if you're lucky!}
He loves Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Batman.
He is strong, brave, and tough ... just like his heroes.

Zac has been battling acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) since April 2011.  
He has had two seizures {in response to specific chemo he received} 
and he experienced paralysis on his left side.  
After weeks of hard work in rehab/PT/OT, Zac can walk and RUN
...and he is FAST!

Rockstar or Superhero?  You decide.

Superhero Zac and his super-strong sidekick Mommy {Natalie}
opening his iPad from Rohr Rockstars

Rock on Zac!

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