Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Perfectly Perrywinkle Partnership

As we grow the foundation, share the mission, and strive for brand awareness, we have excitedly partnered with several talented and generous artists.  Perry Swenson Livonius of Perfectly Perrywinkle is a new friend of the Rockstars.  Once you meet her, you will love her!

From Perry:  

After recently getting married, I have new hopes for the future:  to start a family and give back to the community.  I retired from competitive golf after playing professionally for six years on the LPGA/LPGA Futures Tour.  Though I still keep a busy schedule on the golf course playing at charity golf outings and pro-ams, I started Perfectly Perrywinkle as a fun hobby and creative outlet.  Not only can my unique custom-made headbands make a fashion statement, but also they can be a platform to help raise awareness about charities that are close to my heart.  I am committed to supporting Folds of Honor Foundation and Rohr Rockstars by donating a portion of the profits from the sales of my headbands to these organizations.  Recently, it was my privilege to design "The Rockstar Collection" for Rohr Rockstars.  It is my hope that the young girls and women who wear my headbands will understand that they, too, are rockstars ... helping to empower children facing cancer and other long term illnesses to reach their academic goals.  

Enjoy a special sneak peek of Rockstar headbands ... soon available to you.

Check out Perfectly Perrywinkle's Etsy shop.  The Rockstar Collection has not yet officially been released, but Perry has generously committed to donating 50% of her profits from the sales of this special collection to Rohr Rockstars.  You rock, Perry!

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