Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rockstar Isabella

 Isabella Santos is a girly-girl!
She only likes to wear dresses, skirts, and cute shoes.
She enjoys being a Mommy to her American Girl dolls.
She loves her kitty Jake.
Pink and purple are her favorite colors.  
Her dreams are selfless and big.
"I want there to be no more cancer
I want kids to be able to play and go to school
not be in the hospital feeling sick."

Isabella knows what it is like to live with cancer, to miss school, to feel sick.  She has been fighting cancer for four years.  In October 2007, when Isabella was 2, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  Since then she has received many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, experimental treatments, and surgery.  She has been declared disease free several times, but she has relapsed several times.  Isabella is a fighter.  Her doctors lovingly refer to her as the "girl with nine lives". 

We think she is a ROCKSTAR in the biggest and best sense of the word.

 Rockstar Isabella and her kitty, Jake

To follow Isabella's journey, visit her CaringBridge site.  Or visit The Isabella Santos Foundation page.  Through the foundation, this ROCKSTAR family and its supporters have raised over $140,000 for Neuroblastoma research and organizations like The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte and The Make A Wish Foundation.

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