Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

Back-to-school shopping. 
{The perfect "first day" outfit.}

Brand new school supplies. 
{Sharp pencils, unbroken crayons, crisp paper}.

Reunions with old friends.  
Hugs from favorite teachers. 
First conversations with new classmates.
{Embracing the old and welcoming the new.}

Anxiety, anticipation, excitement. 
{Restless sleep on the eve before the first day.}

Such are the milestones in the life of a school-age student.
{Right-of-passage, social, emotional milestones 
that we all remember fondly.}

You may have had your first day today.
Or you might be sending your baby off for their first day tomorrow.
Maybe you remember stepping on to the school bus
for your monumental ride years ago.

We are committed to nurturing our Rockstars 
and giving them back this piece of their childhood.
To connect with friends, and be inspired by teachers.  
To experience school {during treatment} 
through the innovative and cutting edge approach 
of creating virtual classrooms.

The lesson plans are written; 
"class" should begin shortly.

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