Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rockstar Emma

This little light of mine, o! how she continues to shine!   
Emma is full of happiness, laughter, creativity, kindness, love, affection, caring.  
 Her spirit radiates peace, love, joy, grace, perseverance and most of all HOPE.
- Emma's Mom 

 Emma at Camp CARE {Cancer Ain't Really the End}; Summer 2011
Emma is one of our current Rockstars who is in remission!
Four and a half years ago, Emma was diagnosed with 
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia {ALL}.
Now, as she enters second grade, we celebrate with her and her family.
Emma is carefree and creative, curious and caring.

As a Rockstar, Emma was given an iPad 
which she uses to supplement her learning.  
{Finding free educational apps is one of her specialties!}
Emma has a heart for animals and has even learned to
take care of a "pet" turtle by utilizing her personal iPad!  
She put together a "turtle box" to create a home for a turtle that 
keeps wanting to be found in the woods behind Emma's house!

Emma is clearly committed to being a lifelong learner.
Over the summer, she worked with a private tutor, 
but, unprompted and on her own accord, 
she researched and wrote a report about caring for a potbelly pig.  
She presented her report to her parents bright and early one morning
in hopes of persuading them to get her a potbelly pig of her own!

What a smart little Rockstar! 
We wish you a rockin' year in second grade, Emma!
Let hope continue to flow from your sweet spirit.
You are an inspiration to all of us!

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