Wednesday, August 3, 2011

500 Pennies

{A quick introduction :: I am a wife, a mommy, a teacher, a friend, and a Christian.  I love to write ... and I have a newly discovered hobby:: photography!  Since my son was born 20 months ago, my husband and I started a blog to keep our {long distance} friends and family connected as our little man grows and grows and grows!  As of late, my heart has begun to beat wildly for Rohr Family Foundation.  I was amazed and intrigued to learn about RFF through the founder, Trish, a co-worker of mine at CCDS; after hearing about Trish and Eric's selflessness and desire to serve the kids {on a foundational, educational level} who are fighting cancer, I knew I had to help in some way.  Trish was also able to help and honor some sweet friends of ours whose 2 year old daughter, Claire, is also fighting cancer.  Two weeks ago, I took on the blogging responsibilities for RFF, and I must say that I am IN LOVE!}
Remember Sully and Riley {and their sweet friend Abby Scott -pictured far left}?  Two little kids that had a big impact in our community and in my heart.  They had an idea, they presented it to their parents, and after all parties accepted the challenge, they made it happen!  The kids raised over $500 from their produce and lemonade just a few hours!  That is over 50,000 pennies!  Along with a matching donation from a generous friend, they gifted RFF over $1,000... or over 100,000 pennies.  Sure there were $20 bills, crumpled $1 bills, neatly written crisp checks, but I promise you, there were prized pennies dropped in their donation jar as well.

In celebration of my 500th blog post here, and in support of the Rohr Family Foundation and the Rockstars they support, I am going to ask a favor worth 500 pennies ... a penny for every single one of my silly, serious, wordless, heartfelt thoughts {don't worry, many more thoughts, praises, and introductions will be disclosed here too!} ... a penny for every single future Rockstar out there that we have yet to meet

Sully and Riley, together, donated over 50,000 pennies.  Now it is your turn.

What I am asking of you, is to donate 500 pennies {just $5} ... or more to Rohr Family Foundation. Click on all the links, read the RFF blog, educate yourself about the mission, but know that I believe in this cause BIG time.  Maybe it is the mommy in me ::  the teacher in me :: the Christian in me, but seriously, this foundation is going to make a HUGE impact and I promise you that your 500 pennies {in exchange for my 500 thoughts!!!} will be appreciated and used directly to impact a little life that is fighting cancer.

Please donate here:

... or click on the "Donate" button on the left side bar.

Please leave a comment below to let me know you donated ... or if you'd like more ways to help.  Thank you for your support!

{Enjoy some sweet, silly pictures of my little man from my personal blog; 
Alekzander says "thane-coo" for donating and coming along for the journey!}
Alekzander's "treat" from the produce stand {courtesy of Sully}.  
Unwashed, unpeeled ... but he loved it!
The kids were concerned that he was eating it fresh out of the ground, 
but I promised them that he has had worse things in his mouth.

First taste of lemonade {courtesy of Riley}.  And still hanging on to his carrot.
If you look closely, there is a carrot 'crumb' on his collar!

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  1. I just happily sent my 500 pennies to support such a worthy cause. I am a high school classmate of Trish's and I lost my 3 year old daughter to leukemia in February. I love the direction the Foundation has taken - children fighting cancer will always have a special place in my heart. Fondly, Catherine Hogan Richmond, VA