Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be a Groupie

To support Rohr Family Foundation and our Rockstars, there are several ways to help.

1.  Be a Groupie and give.
Rohr Family Foundation Rockstar Giving Levels
{Donate now by clicking on the "Donate" button on the left sidebar} 
Groupie up to $50
Silver Album Groupie $51-$100
Gold Album Groupie $101-$250
Platinum Album Groupie $251-$500
Grammy Winning Groupie $501-$750
World Tour Groupie $751 +

2.  Volunteer your time and talents.
Are you a tutor who can donate your time and services to one of our Rockstars? {We need your expertise!}
Do you want to build Toolboxes for our Rockstars? {We need your hands!}
Are you a Rockstar Rookie?  {We need your energy!}

3.  Raise funds.
From lemonade stands to wine tastings, from Boy Scouts service projects to neighborhood yard sales, no event is too small; no amount raised is too little.  {We can't wait to hear your ideas.}

4.  Spread the word.
Do you have media connections?  Are you a social media junkie?  Spread the word about RFF.  Share our blog, "like" us on facebook {Rohr Family Foundation}, and tell all your friends.

5.  Pray.
Pray for our foundation to grow and change the lives of the children facing cancer here in Charlotte, North Carolina; pray for steadfastness, creativeness, and resourcefulness for the Rohr family and friends.  Pray for our Rockstars complete and perfect recovery; pray for their families :: for their strength and perseverance.  Make joyful noise with your prayers and share them with us on our facebook wall or here {below in comments!}.
Thank you in advance for your support and prayers.  We love you all!  
Contact Trish at if you would like to volunteer, start fund raising, or if you have additional questions!

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