Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Kids :: Big Impact

                                                                   photo by t. rohr
Sully, Age 6

                                                                   photo by t. rohr
Riley, Age 5

On Saturday, Sully Hill and Riley O'Donnell opened up for business.  Sully and Riley ran a fresh produce and lemonade stand to exclusively benefit the Rohr Family Foundation and the kids we serve.  After several hours in the hot sun, everyone remained helpful and happy.  The kids helped pour lemonade, picked out veggies, and talked excitedly to their customers.  They were happy to share information about the foundation by passing out Rockstar stickers and other RFF materials.  

The kids raised over $500 from their produce and lemonade stands.  {Such a big, big number from two little entrepreneurs!}  A generous matching donation was also made by Marty Snider to bring the total money raised to just over $1,000!  

Rockstar dads, Chris Hill and Sean O'Donnell, were the master carpenters behind the kids' adorable, homemade stands.  Thank you to the Hill family and the O'Donnell family for your hard work and support and for having a vision to help RFF! Thank you to all of the customers who came out and donated to RFF.  And a BIG thank you to Marty for the matching donation. 
                                                               photo by a.swistak
Remember, no matter how little you are, you can make a big impact!

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