Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rockstar Claire

 A classic, yummy post-cupcake smile from Claire

Sweet Claire is our newest and youngest Rockstar.  She is gracefully rockin' through Phase One and Phase Two of her Rockstar Journey.  She will complete her third round of chemo by the end of the month, and continues to wear a smile on her beautiful face.

Two months ago, at 21-months old, Claire was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the body’s sympathetic nervous system, and treatment began immediately. At less than 2-years old, Claire’s strength and sweet demeanor has amazed her Mommy, Daddy, and doctors.  Claire prefers to fight cancer with smiles, laughter, snuggles and sweet squeezes for her loved ones.  She makes a new friend wherever she goes; everyone LOVES to love on Claire!  As her family settled into a new routine including chemo, long days at the clinic, and watching Claire consume hundreds of pancakes {her favorite food as of late!}, their faith has remained rock solid.

The Ratliffs are facing this journey with family and friends, a prayerful Army, and the unconditional, unmistakable love of God. He is already visibly at work here in Charlotte, NC and all around the United States as Claire’s story is woven deeply and passionately into our hearts and our prayers.  We hope that you will become part of Claire’s Army and join us in prayer for Claire and her family.

Follow Claire’s journey at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/claireratliff
Claire's Rockstar Night with the Rohr's
Pretty Mommy :: Emily, Precious Claire, and Rockstar Founder :: Trish

Claire was presented with a Color Nook so that she could easily bring her favorite "books" to the hospital, to the clinic, and enjoy them at home.  This Rockstar LOVES to read!

Did you know that reading to babies and toddlers is, perhaps, the single most important first step to take to ensure future academic success?  For more information, go here and here and here!

 Within minutes, Rockstar Claire knew how to use her new Color Nook!

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